From Student to CEO: The Success Story of a CanScribe Graduate

Posted by Chris Stewart on January 17, 2017 in Courses Graduate Testimonials Healthcare Documentation Online Learning Work from Home

Many employers of Medical Transcriptionists throughout North America specifically seek out CanScribe graduates… And some of those employers are CanScribe graduates themselves.

As a graduate of CanScribe’s Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation program over 10 years ago, Emily Fardy is now reaping the rewards of her hard work. She currently teaches a college transcription course and runs her own business providing transcription services. Like many major transcription companies, Emily also prefers to hire CanScribe graduates, considering them highly skilled and employable.


This is Emily’s story.

“I graduated from CanScribe in 2005 after completing the course during a maternity leave. Upon graduation, I originally obtained work in-house at a hospital here in London, ON. Over time, I began to desire clients of my own. I started looking for private practice offices in need of transcription services and secured a community health clinic as my first client. It was hard work to maintain a consistent TAT (turn-around time) and ensure the documents were thoroughly proofed, but word started to spread throughout the industry about my quality and efficiency. Doors were opening for me.

I now provide transcription services to various clinics in Alberta, Nova Scotia and many here in Ontario.  My clients range from single practice doctors to multi-disciplinary facilities with numerous clinics. I currently have one full-time CanScribe graduate employed and many part-time CanScribe ICs (Independent Contractors) who offer amazing flexibility as they continue with their other pursuits. This is mutually beneficial, as I can always offer additional work while they are all willing to help out in a pinch if I am unexpectedly inundated. 

I also teach Medical Transcription part-time at both a community and career college. I always tell my students if they are serious about a career in transcription they must enroll in CanScribe. 

After years of proofreading documents in-house, as a teacher of a college transcription course, and as a business owner providing transcription services, I can honestly say CanScribe graduates are second to none. Period. It is my absolute preference to hire them as they work right out of the box. I NEVER have to correct the little idiosyncrasies found in the BOS (Book of Style) like I do with non-graduates. Grammar, spelling and proper transcription protocol is always adhered to and my proofreading time is significantly reduced. Clients notice and appreciate their documents being processed appropriately. New business is consistently knocking on my door; I know the quality of work speaks for itself. I hope to recruit many more CanScribe graduates as my business continues to grow!”

Emily isn’t the only transcription employer who thinks highly of CanScribe graduates. We have employers throughout North America constantly contacting us for graduates – we can’t meet the demand! CanScribe’s Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation course provides the most up-to-date training and also includes a 100-hour practicum that often leads right into a job offer. So if you are looking for a successful work-at-home career, look no further than CanScribe. We can help you get there.

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