Financing Options

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Monthly Financing Option: 

Full 3 Month – no upgrades $ 4095.00
$1500 down and 2 equal payments of $1297.50 (includes a $100 processing fee)

Full 6 Month – no upgrades $ 4195.00
$1500 down and 5 equal payments of $539 (includes a $200 processing fee)

Full 12 Month – no upgrades $ 4350.00
$500 down and then 11 payments of $350 (includes a $355 processing fee)

Canada and Provincial Student Loan Applicants

CanScribe Career College is a Designated Educational Institution where Canadian students may be eligible to receive Student Loans. If you require financial aid for your training please click on the following link to find out more about:

Student Financial Assistance Estimator

Use CanLearn’s Student Financial Assistance Estimator. This tool can estimate the amount of student loan you could potentially receive from the Canada Student Loans Program. Find out if you qualify for EI retraining through Employment and Social Development Canada.

Worker’s Compensation & Insurance Companies

If you are on Worker’s Compensation or working with an Insurance company, our program may be a good option for job retraining. Talk to your counsellor and have them contact us.

First Nations Education Funding

Most First Nations have access to funding for the education and advancement of band members. Contact your band council or education coordinator to see if you qualify, and feel free to check out CanScribe Career College’s First Nations Scholarship Information.

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