Dear CanScribe: Post-Grad Note from Janet Bell


Dear CanScribe Career College:

I thought it was time I put “pen” to paper and let you know how happy I am that I took my MT training through your college.

I have now been employed with Accentus/Nuance for just over a year, and am thoroughly enjoying the job. I was very unsure about starting a second career in a field I knew very little about, and was very nervous about the responsibility level for creating accurate medical reports. As it turns out, I had very little to worry about, mainly due to the training I received from your excellent program and staff.

I have found myself being less nervous on the job than I was doing the classroom work and tests. I credit those classroom moments with CanScribe building my self-confidence and research abilities. Your staff were so particular about “doing it right” that principles such as generic (small letter), and Brand (capital letter) became ingrained; to the point where my first account insisted on all drugs being capitalized and I had to fight myself to do it! LOL

I have also found that dictators who race through their dictations, who mumble, or who have extreme accents are another challenge to be taken in stride; again, all due to the CanScribe program. While I have met some dictators in the real world who have taken quite a few dictations to become attuned to, I certainly have not thrown in the towel on them, because I know from my training that my ear will become attuned.

One very positive aspect from my point of view is that I find myself adapting to the various changes made by the client on a weekly basis, with little, if any, frustration. I particularly enjoyed the real-life transcription experience that the CanScribe instructors were able to share with us, and their stories gave me a strong foundation of understanding that some clients can be quite changeable.

Having sat through a couple of training sessions, on a couple of accounts, and listening to other new MTs asking what I considered basic questions, I have reinforced my own belief that I made the right decision in choosing CanScribe and would heartily recommend your program to anyone who asks.

Once again, thank you for providing an excellent program and a strong support group and network.


Janet Bell
High Honours Graduate
July 2013