Celebrating MT Week with M*Modal


Dear Medical Transcriptionists, it’s time to celebrate You!

May 14 to May 20, 2017 is National MT Week!  This time-honored tradition celebrates Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) all over the world.

Healthcare Documentation is an essential component of the healthcare industry. MTs (or Healthcare Documentation Specialists) play a vital role in providing documentation that accurately records each patient’s story.  Therefore, we proudly recognize our HDSs as the backbone of our business, here at M*Modal.

We readily acknowledge that they nurture our customer relationships by continually delivering outstanding services.  As a leader in the Healthcare Industry, we understand our ongoing need to recruit outstanding Healthcare Documentation Specialists (HDSs) to continue our tradition of excellence.

For this purpose, we have partnered with CanScribe.  MT Week also presents me with the opportunity to elaborate on our successful collaboration with CanScribe and our high regard for their demonstrated expertise in developing transcriptionists who are ready to excel at the challenges of Clinical Documentation.  Whether introducing novices to the discipline or honing the skills of experienced practitioners, CanScribe has secured its reputation as a leader in Medical Transcription Training.

CanScribe graduates are equipped for the industry

We at M*Modal rely on our collaboration with CanScribe in order to cultivate qualified candidates.

In our experience, CanScribe graduates are equipped with the prerequisite knowledge and characteristics embodied by successful transcriptionists.  During this era of ever-changing technology, transcriptionists must remain curious, meticulous, and eager to absorb new information.  We partner with CanScribe to achieve these goals as well.  I look forward to CanScribe’s continued success and our enduring partnership.

To our team at M*Modal, I want to take advantage of this occasion to thank you once again for your dedication to your craft.  It is only with your commitment and diligence that we continue to prosper.

Happy MT Week 2017!

Hope Castle
Administrative Specialist
Worldwide HDS Operations