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Why Study Online? The Online Learning Trend

Posted by Chris Stewart on April 6, 2015 in Technology

Why learning online is such a popular new path for Higher Education

Every day, people are hearing more and more about online learning opportunities. It seems as technology advances, so does the amount of successful graduates of online courses and training sessions. For someone who has never experienced online training, it can be overwhelming. Change and the unknown can be intimidating – knowing the benefits of online training is crucial in deciding whether or not online learning is right for you….

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Advanced Speedtype – Using Macros to Run Music Files

Posted by Chris Stewart on March 31, 2015 in Technology

Get your music playing with just a few keystrokes!

In today’s production-based environment of Medical Transcription, efficiency is a must. We prepare our students for the working world by arming them with the necessary knowledge and tools to be the best MT they can be. We offer countless discussions and demonstrations to show them how to use those tools to have a successful career. However, some of the technology can seem intimidating and not all students use it as much as they should.

One of the most helpful tools, and the least understood, is the word expander…

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Excel Basics: Creating a Workbook

Posted by Chris Stewart on March 12, 2015 in Technology

Microsoft Excel is a program that allows you to organize and manipulate data. It can sort data, perform calculations (using formulas), and make it easy to find and search the exact data you are looking for. The great thing about Excel is that it can be extremely useful to a very wide variety of people. From organizing a household budget to running functions for thousands of cells of data, Excel can be useful to pretty much anyone.

Excel can look pretty daunting to a first-time user – this tutorial will cover the basic functions of the program. Let’s look at creating a workbook, customizing a…

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Straight Talk on Speech Recognition Technology

Posted by Chris Stewart on February 17, 2015 in Healthcare Documentation Technology

Let’s get to the truth about Voice Recognition Software

Anyone who is involved in medical transcription today has heard (literally) all about speech recognition and where it is supposedly taking the MT industry. Voice recognition has been around for several decades but it has only been in the last decade that we have begun to fear it for its job-replacing capabilities. But is that really the way medical records documentation will go? Will we all be replaced by voice-to-text applications that can easily crank out hundreds of reports an hour? This seasoned healthcare documentation specialist says…

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