CanScribe Implements New Knowledge Base Software

Posted by Chris Stewart on May 1, 2015 in

CanScribe is announcing a switch from SmarterTrack to Citrix as an online provider of knowledge base technology. Knowledge bases allow for many different advances in customer service including a highly adaptable ticket system allowing for submitted questions to be answered in a timely manner. These knowledge bases also allow for a better connectivity between company and client for a more personal connection.

When a new knowledge base software is needed, it is paramount to have a timely implementation to ensure minimal down time and a smooth ticket transition. Citrix allows for a very simple system implementation because it was created with the user in mind. Citrix’s support is also 24/7 all 365 days a year for not just issues, but also training videos for the staff here at CanScribe. This allows the staff to learn the system in the fastest, most efficient way possible to best assist their students.

The process of switching providers was carefully discussed and analyzed out by all levels of the CanScribe staff, including CanScribe’s System Analyst: Sam Boateng. A decision was made to implement the Citrix system. This system will provide many benefits for CanScribe and all of its partners. Increased efficiency in the overall system will allow for quicker response times to inquiries by being much easier use for the staff at CanScribe and the inquirers. There is also the ability to be mobile; with a free downloadable application on mobile devices, support will be available for everyone when they are away from their desk. In addition to these features, there is now a login required for accessing the knowledge base to allow for better security and more personalized answers to questions. Sam Boateng stated:

“I believe the new Citrix service desk system will help us to expand the quality of the CanScribe support system by supplying unique ways to assists students and solve problems in a shorter amount of time.  The new system is able to allow multiple remote assistance instances at once, supports cell phone video for hardware issues, and has a unique user interface for staff and students.”

What does it all mean?

  • Faster response times to inquires
  • Mobile access to inquires
  • Better tracking of “Your Inquires”
  • Simple layout to find answers to questions immediately
  • Remote Desktop Access (RDP) for those tricky issues
  • Combination of email, instant messaging and inquiries

The combination of the great staff at CanScribe with an easy to use and highly efficient knowledge base will allow for an even better customer service experience. This new Citrix system will assist not only students but also the staff and create a better, more in depth answering process for personalized responses that are less generalized, faster responses and easier access to assistance.

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