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Author: Justin Gaudet

Continuing Education Credits

Posted by Justin Gaudet on June 13, 2016 in Medical Terminology

Continuing Education Credits (CECs), also known as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and professional development, are necessary for different professions to maintain a specific level of expertise. Some of the professions that need CECs to maintain their certification are doctors, nurses, real estate agents, engineers, and lawyers. Depending on the profession, a designated amount of hours

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What I Love About Being a Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Posted by Justin Gaudet on June 6, 2016 in Healthcare Documentation Online Learning

When you’re a perfectionist, sometimes it’s hard to find places where you fit in. Perfectionism is sometimes not perceived well by those around us. As a personality trait, it keeps us constantly vigilant, always striving, always working hard. Happily, I’ve found my outlet for my brand of perfectionism in being a medical transcription / healthcare

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MT/HDS and You

Posted by Justin Gaudet on May 16, 2016 in Graduate Testimonials

Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation is a great career path for those who wish to work from home and need the flexibility to take care of a family. Listen to what our graduates have to say about us and our course: It has been a long journey for me since I started CanScribe’s Medical Transcription

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Military Families and Medical Transcription

Posted by Justin Gaudet on May 4, 2016 in Graduate Testimonials Healthcare Documentation Lifestyle Scholarships & Sponsorships Work from Home

As a mother of a military family, Robin Taylor has faced many of the same difficulties military spouses go through. But through resilience and perseverance, Robin has found success as a Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation Specialist. Her hard work has paid off; Robin was the recipient of CanScribe Career College’s 2016 Military Family Member Scholarship. Prior to

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Self-Care for the Achy Breaky MT

Posted by Justin Gaudet on May 4, 2016 in Stress Management

We have all heard lots of advice about having good posture at our desks, how to properly adjust our chairs, how to sit up straight, etc.  I have found there is not enough information about what to do when we try our best with these preventative measures and perhaps do not meet them all the

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