Are There Available Jobs in Medical Transcription?


Are there available jobs in Medical Transcription?

In most industries, understanding the growth and hiring rates can be difficult. Companies typically don’t disclose this information and only vaguely touch on industry trends from an employer’s standpoint.

Luckily, many companies in the Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation industry are transparent when it comes to their growth and hiring rates. These companies know how many new hires they need and how they can recruit them. But are there really any available jobs in Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation today?

Yes. Companies like iMedX Australia (OzeScribe) and AQuity are currently struggling to find hires to do the work they need to be done. While most companies require 2 to 5 years of experience for new MT/HDS graduates, CanScribe graduates are exempt from that requirement. For example, here are just a few of the many companies willing to waive that experience for CanScribe graduates:

  • AQuity (M*Modal)
  • IMedX Australia (OzeScribe)
  • Keizer Solutions
  • Precision Transcriptions
  • AAA Transcription
  • Global Transcription Services (GTS)
  • Nuance
  • Swift Charts
  • StenTel

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty; just how many new jobs in Medical Transcription are actually available? For example, AQuity is asking for 50 new hires per month and 600 per year. iMedX Australia is looking for 100 new hires immediately, as well as 10 each month thereafter. In sum, these 220 new recruits that are needed! This year alone, CanScribe has been asked to fill over 800 positions. And that’s with just two of the companies listed above!

What does this demand mean for you? It means a few things:­

  1. Flexibility

Because of the high demand for more employees, these companies are hiring both part-time and full-time contractors. This means you can put your family first and your career second.

Forget having to work the traditional 9-5 office hours. Jobs in Medical Transcription have you in charge of your own schedule. You can work the hours you want, at the time you want, from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Income

Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation is a career path that allows you to determine exactly how much money you can earn. You’ll have the freedom to supplement your family income by working part-time, also, you can choose to be the sole earner working full-time.

Jobs in Medical Transcription are based on production. Therefore the faster and more accurately you can type, the more you can earn!

CanScribe graduates are trained with the skills necessary to produce a high-quality report quickly and are provided with all of the tools needed to begin a successful career as a Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialist.

  1. Support

CanScribe has great relationships with leading industry employers throughout North America and Australia. This is why companies prefer CanScribe graduates above the rest.

Throughout the MT/HDS course, you will have access to instructors who are industry experts. Also, you will work with a great Student Services team, and a knowledgeable IT support team. Finally, CanScribe offers lifetime job placement assistance to its graduates. Lifetime. Forever. If you ever need assistance with your resume or cover letter, or you simply need connections to one of CanScribe’s employment partners, you will have it.

Finding employment as a CanScribe graduate has never been easier. Become a CanScribe graduate and join a profession that allows you to work from home, work the flexible hours you need, and earn an income that can help you build a better life for you and your family. Ready to dive into a new, rewarding career? Enroll now.

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