How to Advance Your Administrative Career with the CAP Exam


Are you an administrative assistant or training to become one? If so, you may be considering becoming a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) through the CAP exam. The CAP certification can give your career the boost you need and demonstrate your dedication and expertise in your profession. Taking the CAP Exam and obtaining an IAAP certification can offer many career benefits and improve overall professional qualifications.

What is the CAP exam?

The CAP certification is administered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), a nonprofit association that allows administrative professionals the opportunity to connect, learn, lead and excel in their careers. The CAP exam includes questions about written and oral business communication, scheduling, meeting planning, report writing, records management, financial functions, and human resources, amongst other administrative topics.

Why take the CAP exam?

For administrative professionals, being certified can make a huge difference in your career. The certification is an investment that demonstrates to employers, customers, and colleagues a deeper level of knowledge in your field.  Being certified by the IAAP will also provide the potential to earn a higher salary, promotions or bonuses.  In fact, top employers like KPMG and Ledcor Construction prefer hiring certified administrative professionals who have taken the CAP exam.

How can I take the CAP exam?

To be eligible to take the test, candidates must have recent administrative experience in an office environment. They must also have at least 12 consecutive months working for the same employer within five years of the date of application. Candidates who do not have a degree must have at least four years of experience over the last ten years.

Becoming a certified administrative professional demonstrates a commitment to your career and a higher level of expertise. As the foremost authority for administrative professionals, the IAAP now recommends CanScribe’s Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant (AA/VA) course as the only preparation course that will adequately prepare you for the CAP exam. Click here to learn more about the AA/VA course