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CanScribe’s graduates are the best people to learn from about their training and how it set them up for their current career success…

Here’s What CanScribe’s Grads Have to Say

This is the most extensive course for medical transcription I have ever seen. I know people that have taken courses at other schools that didn’t get near the information, exposure, course length, or hands-on experience that I received from CanScribe. They literally teach you EVERYTHING about the entire job. The staff support is amazing with weekly check-ins just to see if you have any questions or need anything along with the instructors that are always available. I feel CanScribe has prepared me extremely well to understand the requirements of the job, to do the job exceptionally well, create an impressive resume, and show that I am the best candidate at an interview by exuding confidence, AND they even give you contacts for prospective employers!!! What else could you ask for???

Charlene Barrus, 2019 Graduate

Canscribe is a fantastic school. I love all the instructors and staff that I had contact with. They were all very understanding when I inevitably could not figure out where to put that ridiculous comma! I have noticed since graduating from the program that they have added some exercises that I wish had been there when I was enrolled. That shows me that they are all committed to maintaining high standards and making sure that all grads are prepared appropriately for graduation.

I found it very easy to transition from student to employee. I thank the school for ensuring that I was prepared for that. Don’t get discouraged. It really does get easier. Have a great time!

Paloma Wood, 2016 Graduate

I was lucky enough to be offered a position at NTS. It was the same company that helped me with my practicum. My employment there has been great. The staff and employees are wonderful and very kind.

Of course being a first year medical typist means there is still much medical knowledge I need to gain but the staff has been completely supportive of me, and I am grateful for that. I am also able to use the skills that I have learned from CanScribe and apply them to my work. Future CanScribe graduates will have a great chance of successfully acclimating to the medical transcribing world with the lessons provided by your school.

Vanna Pham, 2016 Graduate

As I prepared to move forward with my medical transcription training, I was overwhelmed with emotions heading into the practicum. I was excited and nervous and, perhaps, a little unsure if I was actually ready for this enormous step. I can imagine for any student taking their final steps in training for a career in medical transcription this milestone conjures up many emotions. It is an exciting yet intimidating transition in the experience.

I can tell you now that I have completed my practicum to throw all of those negative feelings aside. You are ready for this! CanScribe prepares you well, every step along the way, to get to this point. Be proud of yourself for all the hard work and determination it has taken to bring you to this point. Be confident and believe in yourself; you have everything you need to become a successful MT/HDS.

I feel the practicum experience is an invaluable opportunity and essential for anyone working towards a career as an MT/HDS.

I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to perform my practicum with M*Modal. From the onset to the completion of my time spent with M*Modal, I was provided with the training, guidance, support, tools, as well as inspiration to ensure a successful and invaluable experience. All of the staff at M*Modal, who shared this experience with me, were professional, supportive, and friendly. The practicum was a wonderful experience, and I believe that the real-world experience prepares you extremely well for an exciting career in medical transcription.

My advice to those who are currently researching institutions offering medical transcription training is to seriously consider one which provides a practicum experience in their curriculum. A real-world experience prepares you like nothing else will. This was a major deciding factor for me when I chose to enroll in a medical transcription course and, along with many other reasons, was why I ultimately chose CanScribe.

Kristina Hobson, 2016 Graduate

Upon graduation, I had applied to several different companies including the company I did my practicum through, MModal.  I was contacted by MModal right away and hired on the spot!!  I didn’t even have an interview, go figure!

As for the working field, I truly love it!!  It’s been the best move in terms of a career change.  The biggest motivation for me has been able to work from home, choose my own hours, and work in the medical field….finally!!!  There’s not a transcription that goes by where I don’t feel proud and fortunate to be a part of the patient’s medical journey.  As an MT, you definitely are working on your own, responsible for doing your own research and finding the answers, but there is always either my manager or assistant manager available for either a quick phone call or email should I need some extra guidance or help.  My contract is based on part time, which right now is definitely full time for me during my learning curve.  There has been no pressure in terms of not meeting the contract minutes.  Instead it’s a “don’t worry about making your minutes, that will come in time, we would rather see accurate reports” mentality.  This alone has been a huge plus for me being a recent graduate, but I know that it’s only a matter of time before it all becomes second nature and production will sky rocket!  I have a little picture on my desk that says “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF,” and I look at it every day.

So, if you are a current student or potential CanScribe student, you will not find another school like CanScribe that will support, guide and train you throughout the entire journey.  I will forever be grateful to CanScribe for helping me get to where I am today.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without CanScribe and don’t think there is any other school that shows the same amount of dedication to their students such as CanScribe.  It truly is a school that stands out from the rest.  And it’s very true about companies preferring CanScribe graduates because all the companies I applied to, and I mean ALL, want a CanScribe graduate!!  So, to all those future CanScribe students who work hard and diligently, you’ll have no problem finding your perfect fit!

Rhea Philippe, 2017 Graduate

I would highly recommend the course to anyone that has a passion for medicine and technology. I am so glad that I found out about CanScribe. It has been a truly enriching experience overall.

Zoe Roy, 2018 Graduate

I started the CanScribe course when our little boy was 6 months old, as I realized I wanted to be able to work from home. I found the course to be extremely thorough and an excellent preparation for working life. I found the materials easy to use and it was good to know that help was only a phone call away. All the staff at CanScribe are extremely efficient and supportive and I have found that they answer emails and phone calls very quickly. I also found the forums to be a great support. Although I didn’t contribute to them a great deal I read them every day and often found useful tips. I think the best part of the course was the practicum, and I would encourage everyone to participate in this. The ironic thing is, I had not intended to take the practicum as I thought I would move straight into work. I am so glad I changed my mind, as I think it prepares you for the real world of MT work better than anything else.

Wendy Preston, 2008 Honours Graduate

I just want to say I would highly recommend CanScribe’s course to anyone who is considering the medical transcription field. The curriculum is widely recognized in the industry as one of the best. Because of the great reputation that CanScribe’s students have, I was able to gain employment less than 1 week after I completed the practicum and have confidence in my ability and know I will succeed and continue to grow and learn. I want to thank CanScribe and all of the wonderful people who work there; they have all been really supportive.

Deb Amstein, 2008 High Honours Graduate

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