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CanScribe is proud of all students and graduates. On this page you will find CanScribe reviews and success stories from Medical Transcription and Business Training graduates.

As a CanScribe grad, I have enjoyed continued success in the medical transcription field. I had a number of job offers immediately after graduation, and I have been able to work from home ever since. This has been a true blessing each time we moved, as my job travelled with me from city to city. I am now truly honoured to work for the college who trained me, and I love what I do!

Laurie Monks, CanScribe Instructor and 2011 Graduate

After a nail-biting drive home one winter’s day from my job as a dental assistant, I thought wow, it would be so nice not to have to go out in inclement weather. I also liked the idea of trading in my scrubs for a nice comfortable pair of PJs or a jogging suit. I researched online to see what kind of stay-at-home jobs were available, especially in the medical field, and what I found that interested me was medical transcription.  I did some research and then contacted some MTSOs to inquire about CanScribe. The responses I got were all exceptionally positive. I decided to then pursue this career. I contacted a student loans officer and was told that CanScribe was an excellent college and that they did approve many student loans for the MT program there. I decided then and there to take my MT program through CanScribe.

I graduated with honours in 2011. After graduation, I worked for 3 years for OzeScribe and Nuance. I kept in contact with the college, and when I found out about an opening on the instructional team, I was quick to apply for the position. I am proud to say that I have come full circle and have been working for CanScribe for over 4 years now. I love the job I do. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that I am part of a great team who work hard every day to help students achieve their dreams and goals. I hope to be able to work for this great college until the day I can retire.

Lisa Thompson, CanScribe Instructor and 2011 Graduate

Taking the MT course through CanScribe was my best career decision. When I decided to take the course, I had 3 young children and this career offered me the flexibility to work from home, when it suited me rather than when it suited my employer.

I appreciate how well the course prepared me for the work world.  I received great support from the instructors.  I enjoyed every moment of learning and was lucky to be placed with Accentus (Nuance) for my practicum.  Accentus offered me a job after my practicum and I worked for them for many years before coming back to CanScribe to work as an Educational Assistant.

It’s difficult to put into words how happy I am that I saw the advertisement for CanScribe all those years ago and finally worked up the courage to make the call and ask for an information package.

Leslie Meger, CanScribe Educational Assistant and 2012 Graduate

It was 10 years ago when I accidentally discovered the online medical transcription field.  I was intrigued and knew that I would absolutely love the work, and working from home, not to mention being able to achieve an accredited course online from home.  I have to say that the first school I attended online, disappeared after my first 3 months.  I lost money.  I was upset and scared to try again.  However, I soon discovered CanScribe and was able to determine that it was an actual school, with actual instructors and that it had been around for a while, so I was reassured that it would not disappear off the internet.  I enrolled.  I thought it was going to be an easy course.  I love this subject, therefore, this should be a breeze.  I was wrong.  I soon found out that I in fact did not spell quite as well as I thought, and I had a lot to learn about punctuation and grammar.  There were times throughout the course that I was so frustrated with the material and the dictations that I was ready to give up.  The instructors were there to help and support me through those times and I went on to graduate with honors.  I was employed within 2 weeks of completing the course.  Over the last 10 years, I have been working with Nuance on different accounts.  Most recently, in the last 2 years, I’ve also started working with CanScribe.  To come full circle and be able to help students just as I was helped, is an amazing feeling.  I’m so glad that I pushed through the tough times.  Without CanScribe, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Natalie Bolohan, CanScribe Educational Assistant and 2011 Graduate

CanScribe have been highly supportive, both in answering all questions whilst I was thinking of taking the course, and now, having started the course, they are constantly in contact to ensure I am comfortable and do not have any queries or problems. If you are thinking of taking a course with them, I would suggest you do it :)

Lorraine Alderson, Current Student

I am so very happy I chose CanScribe College for my training. I KNOW I am going to succeed! My “Dream Job” is waiting and CanScribe is making my dream come true. I would recommend everyone look into this college; they have so much to offer.

Wanda Bouchard, Current Student

This is the most extensive course for medical transcription I have ever seen. I know people that have taken courses at other schools that didn’t get near the information, exposure, course length, or hands-on experience that I received from CanScribe. They literally teach you EVERYTHING about the entire job. The staff support is amazing with weekly check-ins just to see if you have any questions or need anything along with the instructors that are always available. I feel CanScribe has prepared me extremely well to understand the requirements of the job, to do the job exceptionally well, create an impressive resume, and show that I am the best candidate at an interview by exuding confidence, AND they even give you contacts for prospective employers!!! What else could you ask for???

Charlene Barrus, 2019 Graduate

Canscribe is a fantastic school. I love all the instructors and staff that I had contact with. They were all very understanding when I inevitably could not figure out where to put that ridiculous comma! I have noticed since graduating from the program that they have added some exercises that I wish had been there when I was enrolled. That shows me that they are all committed to maintaining high standards and making sure that all grads are prepared appropriately for graduation.

I found it very easy to transition from student to employee. I thank the school for ensuring that I was prepared for that. Don’t get discouraged. It really does get easier. Have a great time!

Paloma Wood, 2016 Graduate

I was lucky enough to be offered a position at NTS. It was the same company that helped me with my practicum. My employment there has been great. The staff and employees are wonderful and very kind.

Of course being a first year medical typist means there is still much medical knowledge I need to gain but the staff has been completely supportive of me, and I am grateful for that. I am also able to use the skills that I have learned from CanScribe and apply them to my work. Future CanScribe graduates will have a great chance of successfully acclimating to the medical transcribing world with the lessons provided by your school.

Vanna Pham, 2016 Graduate

As I prepared to move forward with my medical transcription training, I was overwhelmed with emotions heading into the practicum. I was excited and nervous and, perhaps, a little unsure if I was actually ready for this enormous step. I can imagine for any student taking their final steps in training for a career in medical transcription this milestone conjures up many emotions. It is an exciting yet intimidating transition in the experience.

I can tell you now that I have completed my practicum to throw all of those negative feelings aside. You are ready for this! CanScribe prepares you well, every step along the way, to get to this point. Be proud of yourself for all the hard work and determination it has taken to bring you to this point. Be confident and believe in yourself; you have everything you need to become a successful MT/HDS.

I feel the practicum experience is an invaluable opportunity and essential for anyone working towards a career as an MT/HDS.

I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to perform my practicum with M*Modal. From the onset to the completion of my time spent with M*Modal, I was provided with the training, guidance, support, tools, as well as inspiration to ensure a successful and invaluable experience. All of the staff at M*Modal, who shared this experience with me, were professional, supportive, and friendly. The practicum was a wonderful experience, and I believe that the real-world experience prepares you extremely well for an exciting career in medical transcription.

My advice to those who are currently researching institutions offering medical transcription training is to seriously consider one which provides a practicum experience in their curriculum. A real-world experience prepares you like nothing else will. This was a major deciding factor for me when I chose to enroll in a medical transcription course and, along with many other reasons, was why I ultimately chose CanScribe.

Kristina Hobson, 2016 Graduate
Joanne McMillan
Joanne McMillan
20:48 18 Mar 19
CanScribe Career College is a top-notch school to enroll in if you are looking to be a Medical Transcriptionist. The program covers an elaborate number of subjects that are covered in-depth and it definitely prepares you to graduate as a fully-qualified MT. I am so very impressed with the support system available to the student as you work your way through the course. A phone call, an email, or an online chat are a few of the support measures made available when you are looking for some guidance. I am pleased that I have enrolled in this college, and I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a career as an MT to apply to the CanScribe College today.
Gail Lavigne
Gail Lavigne
16:35 04 Mar 19
Wow, a huge learning curve for me being 55 years of age. I absolutely love the MT and Health Documentation Course. I'm learning so much!! I consider it to be a healthy challenge and would very much encourage anyone to join in the learning.
Amie Cormier
Amie Cormier
15:12 15 Mar 19
Amazing school that allows me to study on my own time and at my own pace and is preparing me for a job I can do in my pajamas! What's better than that??
Wanda B
Wanda B
18:25 01 Feb 19
I am so very happy I chose CanScribe College for my training. I KNOW I am going to succeed! My "Dream Job" is waiting and CanScribe is making my dream come true. I would recommend everyone look into this college; they have so much to offer.
Mitch Thibault
Mitch Thibault
12:01 19 Dec 19
The school is Amazing. Great teachers and great staff are always there when you need them. I took 2 courses from them and I highly recommend this school.
Kirsty Pilgrim
Kirsty Pilgrim
15:36 26 Aug 19
I would highly recommend the Administrative Assistant/ Virtual Assistant program through Canscribe. I discovered the program when I was looking to upgrade my Microsoft Office skills after being a Stay-At-Home Mom for 10 years. I have been doing some work for home as a Virtual Assistant to a Safety Consulting for the past 5 years. But I had my sights set on expanding my skill set so that I could offer my services to other small business owners and entrepreneurs who perhaps didn't need (or their budget couldn't allow for) a full-time or even part-time staff member. The Administrative Assistant/ Virtual Assistant program through Canscribe fit with my schedule and gave me a well rounded proficiency I need to be successful. I can honestly say that since 'opening the doors' to my independently contracted Virtual Assistant business on March 1, 2019, I have established a client base that is increasing with each passing every month.
Cassidy Repay
Cassidy Repay
19:29 18 Mar 19
The course is well organized and easy to follow along with, as well the instructors are easy to get a hold of if you have any issues.
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