A CanScribe Success Story

Posted by Chris Stewart on November 22, 2017 in Courses Graduate Testimonials Healthcare Documentation Online Learning Work from Home

A CanScribe Success Story2

Catherine Caccavella is a recent graduate of CanScribe’s Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation course. Since completing the course, Catherine has found success in her field. This is her story:

“I have just graduated with honors from CanScribe’s Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation course. I was able to complete the course in 14 months while also working 20-30 hours a week to pay the bills.

The course is comprehensive, challenging, and extremely well organized. The instructors care and are knowledgeable; every effort is made to connect with students via telephone, email, and webinars. They help students throughout the course to master the materials and become competent as medical transcriptionists.

All true enough, but I found it to be much more than that. Doing this course rehabilitated my belief in my ability to think for myself and monitor my own production, to the point of complete confidence that I can be my own boss and build a successful career in a brand-new field with the information I learned in this course. This is the only course of study I have ever embarked on that provided a bridge between doing the course, and obtaining employment afterward, and very effectively, too.

Would you believe me if I told you at the end of the course, you would be a better typist, a better listener, a better communicator, a tireless researcher, and that you would know more about the MT world, the medical profession, computers, and the structure of language than you ever thought?

This course does that. There are a lot of extras bundled into this course that are essential to succeeding as a medical transcriptionist, which go over and above simply being able to talk the talk. The structure and integrity of the profession itself is an integral part of the curriculum. The course is thoroughly thought out. You will know your stuff when you complete the course.

It was a good investment for me. When I decided to do the course, I was between careers — almost between lives.  I returned to Canada after 25 years in the States and even though I had been a wife, mother, and successful entrepreneur in California, I learned that when you cross that imaginary line, what happens in L.A. stays in L.A.

I literally had to start over. I had no credentials, no field of study, no certification that I could count on. I needed to qualify for a career that would allow me the flexibility of working from home. I wanted a career that would be INTERESTING and high in demand. I needed the course of study to be affordable, in terms of time and money.  This wasn’t an Ego Wall item; I needed to learn something that was practical, would open doors, and allow me to participate in life.

CanScribe met all these requirements. I am very happy with my investment in CanScribe. It has opened a lot of doors. Competent transcriptionists are in high demand. Everything you need to meet that demand is covered in the Medical Transcriptionist / Healthcare Documentation Course.”

– Catherine Caccavella.