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Check, Please! 5 Tips for Proofreading Your Transcription Reports

Posted by Chelsea Noel on March 8, 2017 in Courses Healthcare Documentation Online Learning Productivity

Avoid Making Simple Errors There are worse things than making a proofreading mistake involving a concept you know really well, but it sure does feel pretty frustrating. There is a relatively simple trick that can help you avoid the avoidable error. It’s called a checklist. Proofing dramatically increases patient safety It may sound too simple

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Get SMART: How to Set (and Achieve) Goals

Posted by Chelsea Noel on February 2, 2017 in Lifestyle Online Learning Productivity Work from Home

The most important step towards achieving success is deciding what is most important. Setting goals allows you to determine priorities and dedicate time to your most important tasks. Goals also spur the motivation to consistently move forward and progress.  By writing down your goals, you can create a visual representation of what you are aiming

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