Tips For Dealing With Medical Sound-Alikes

Posted by Chelsea Noel on October 27, 2014 in Healthcare Documentation Online Learning

Medical words that sound similar (and how to deal with them)

Sound-alike words can pose a challenge to transcriptionists. For example, there is a vast difference between ileum and ilium, even though they sound the same. It could be a critical mistake to type the wrong word into a medical report. The ileum refers to the distal portion of the colon while ilium refers to the superior portion of the hip bone. Using the wrong word could make the medical report very confusing and could potentially put a patient’s life at risk.

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Computer Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Chelsea Noel on October 20, 2014 in Technology

We are all “plugged in” to our computers in this day and age…so we might consider our computers a need versus want. However, people who work at home, such as Medical Transcriptionists, depend on their home PCs for income. These people can’t afford any downtime on their technology.

Although computers are very different from us, we can directly relate preventative maintenance in our own lives to the health of our computers. People gain a huge health benefit practising preventative maintenance with their health; some people use exercise, others follow healthy eating habits, and some go for regular…

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Develop Your Listening Ear with Mad Gab

Posted by Chelsea Noel on September 29, 2014 in Healthcare Documentation

Mad Gab for Transcriptionists

As you may know all too well, one of the hardest things about transcription is developing the listening ear. Developing a listening ear means being able to untangle complicated dictated phrases. For Medical Transcriptionists, this means developing a listening ear for the language of medicine.

Almost all of the words that you are trying to untangle are brand new to you…

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